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I am trying to name some of the famous card tricks that are world famous and are really fascinating.

Learn 5 tricks of exceptional cards explained in detail to impress your friends and family!
This second course of magic consists of 5 tricks of cards that you can present with a little training before your audience.
Here is the list of magic tricks available in this magic course:
The magic trick “Lucky Luck”
The disappearance of an angel
The magic trick “Division”
The magic trick “Color Blind”
The turn of the Cricket

Teleporting Kings – Card tricks Revealed

The Final 3 Easy Card trick Revealed

Produce Cards out of Thin Air

Chosen card inside the mouth trick

Perfect 10 prediction card sleight

Beginners easy card tricks by mentalismknowledge

On the menu, always quite spectacular card tricks with classical magic techniques:
False mixture
Card check
If you are a beginner, do not hesitate to take a look at the basic techniques of Add to dictionary.
And now the demos!

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