Just as the name suggests Delsey, is a French product and offers more than just French fashion and design. Not only is Delsey a masterpiece but also offer some of the best features when it comes to modern design. Delsey is an icon in the travel industry and its products never disappoint. Delsey continues to manufacture product that are true to its name. Check the top 10 best luggage for international travel – bostonworkersalliance


Delsey officially opened its doors in 1946. It was after the Seynhaeve brothers combined forces with Mr. Delahaye and made the Establissements Delahaye to what is known today as Delsey. The Establissements Delahaye mainly focused on creating covered cases for typewriters and camera cases but after they joined forces with the Seynhaeve brothers, they specialized in making travel-ware merchandise.

It is safe to say that Delsey represents the finest quality that French has to offer in terms of design and elegance. Its continued excellence in making top-notch products continues to amaze its customers. It has continued to make products that are not only reliable but also durable. Delsey manufactures innovative designs and builds that are lightweight and dependable. All Delsey products are governed by 2 principles; design & innovation and since 1975; Delsey has continuously redefined the standards of luggage and travel bags. Delsey has a group of 7 strong ingenious designers who ensure that all its products are innovative and original. Delsey is relentless in ensuring their products remain top contenders in the market by continuously evolving to meet the needs of its consumers. Having talked much about Delsey we will now focus on one of their top products.


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