The top magic tricks – Darren brown

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I am trying to name some of the famous card tricks that are world famous and are really fascinating.

Learn 5 tricks of exceptional cards explained in detail to impress your friends and family!
This second course of magic consists of 5 tricks of cards that you can present with a little training before your audience.
Here is the list of magic tricks available in this magic course:
The magic trick “Lucky Luck”
The disappearance of an angel
The magic trick “Division”
The magic trick “Color Blind”
The turn of the Cricket

Teleporting Kings – Card tricks Revealed

The Final 3 Easy Card trick Revealed

Produce Cards out of Thin Air

Chosen card inside the mouth trick

Perfect 10 prediction card sleight

Beginners easy card tricks by mentalismknowledge

On the menu, always quite spectacular card tricks with classical magic techniques:
False mixture
Card check
If you are a beginner, do not hesitate to take a look at the basic techniques of Add to dictionary.
And now the demos!

Delsey Luggage – Best of the Brands


Just as the name suggests Delsey, is a French product and offers more than just French fashion and design. Not only is Delsey a masterpiece but also offer some of the best features when it comes to modern design. Delsey is an icon in the travel industry and its products never disappoint. Delsey continues to manufacture product that are true to its name. Check the top 10 best luggage for international travel – bostonworkersalliance


Delsey officially opened its doors in 1946. It was after the Seynhaeve brothers combined forces with Mr. Delahaye and made the Establissements Delahaye to what is known today as Delsey. The Establissements Delahaye mainly focused on creating covered cases for typewriters and camera cases but after they joined forces with the Seynhaeve brothers, they specialized in making travel-ware merchandise.

It is safe to say that Delsey represents the finest quality that French has to offer in terms of design and elegance. Its continued excellence in making top-notch products continues to amaze its customers. It has continued to make products that are not only reliable but also durable. Delsey manufactures innovative designs and builds that are lightweight and dependable. All Delsey products are governed by 2 principles; design & innovation and since 1975; Delsey has continuously redefined the standards of luggage and travel bags. Delsey has a group of 7 strong ingenious designers who ensure that all its products are innovative and original. Delsey is relentless in ensuring their products remain top contenders in the market by continuously evolving to meet the needs of its consumers. Having talked much about Delsey we will now focus on one of their top products.

WALI Dual LCD Monitor Mount Free Standing Fully Adjustable Desk

dual stand



Graphic designers and regular gamers know that for one to view all the angles and graphics in full detail they need more than one screen. To achieve this they also need a dual monitor stand to hold the two in a position such that the user has access to both monitors at the same time. An example of this dual monitor stands is the WALI Dual LCD Monitor Mount Free Standing Adjustable Desk Fits Two Screens by WALI Electric.

Dual Monitor Desk Stand Mount for LCD LED Computer Displays

WALI Electric is a company that provides electronic accessories and parts to the Smartphone and laptop industry. For over seven years, it has been offering premium solutions for mobile devices, laptops, and computers. The main goal is to provide its consumers with the best quality products at the best prices. A clear example is the WALI Dual LCD Monitor Mount Free Stand.

The WALI Dual Monitor Stand is compatible with most monitors, panel TVs, LCD, Plasma and Flat Screens in the range of 13-27” (some even go up to 30”). The patented plates are not only detachable but also height adjustable. Its heavy-duty C-clamp features a two stage locking system that is compatible with any desk of 4.5” thickness and below. It also comes with an optional Grommet-Base that is compatible with any desk of 4” and below.

It is said to have double benefits, which stands for double productivity and efficiency thus making relaxing and working much comfier. You can also open up the available desk space to get access to numerous adaptable positions for your monitors. It has a sturdy construction due to the use of high-grade materials thus giving the MALI Dual Monitor Stand a stable connection with the monitors attached to it. Its ergonomic design ensures that your working space remains sleek and modern. Its package consists of an easy to use manual and hardware kit.

The MALI’s monitor arm is adjustable such that it gives you access to more comfortable positions to work in. This feature ensures that you do your work without necessarily having to strain your neck or eyes. Its contemporary design is also a handy feature in that it blends well with almost all environments thus making it ideal for manufacturing plants, homes, dorms, offices, IT networks, businesses, and schools.

The arms retract and extend which gives you the luxury of choosing your desired length. They also tilt to change reading angles. In addition, the Monitor stand can rotate from landscape to portrait mode giving you several viewing positions from which you can choose. It is easy to set up in just a couple of minutes and the installation instructions always come in handy.

During installation, you attach the VESA (75 x 75 mm, 100 x 100 mm) plates to your monitors by use of four screws. Its height adjustment function allows you to adjust the height by +/- 0.8 inches. This is done by simply twisting the screws. You then slide the monitors to the arm and then secure them with a security nut.

Top 5 Camping Screen Houses Every1 Loves

Top 5 Camping Screen Houses


All picnic and camping lovers know the importance of a camping screen house. You see, it is only when you are camping or on a picnic in the woods that you will realize that you need protection from sunrays, insects or even the rain. What better to use to protect you from these adverse conditions in the woods than a camping screen house? Currently, they are many options in the market from which you can choose but we will only focus on the top 5 camping screen houses. If you need a detailed review of the camping screen houses you can check this – top 10 camping screen houses reviewed | BestViva

  1. Texsport Montana Instant Screen Arbor Shade Canopy

The Texsport Montana has a combination of steel leg poles and fiberglass poles to support the roof. On its sides, it has mesh wells with two zippered entrances and heavy-duty taffeta skin. It measures 144” long, 144” wide and is 84” tall. Its mesh walls are designed to keep out small insects such as no-see-ums. Its arbor provides the users with 82” of headroom. The heavy-duty taffeta that makes up most of the panels and the roof is flame retardant. On the other hand, its legs are made up of ¾” diameter steel with molded joints, which is actually rust resistant. The arbor comes with a storage bag, stakes and setup instructions. It is a nice choice since it is easy to fold and looks stylish.

  1. Northern Breeze Screened Shelter

Weighing at only 28 pounds, the Northern Breeze Screened Shelter has an outstanding centre height of 101”. It has full mesh panels and measures 12 feet by 12 feet. It is portable and has in-built rain awnings and curtains. It uses pre-bent, shock-corded aluminum frames that are much lighter than fiberglass. It also has 2 full-length zippered doors that open completely giving you easy passage in and out of the camping house. It is quite large and can accommodate a larger group than most camping houses. It is ideal for large camping trips or outdoor parties.

  1. Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House

At only $103.56, the Tailgaterz is a beast in its own way. It is large enough to accommodate a group. It is not only large but also has magnetic doors that make it easy for you to lock them even when your hands are full. Its design entails fiberglass frames as well as sturdy steel frames. Its large mesh walls help to repel the annoying insects. It measures 11 feet by 9 feet, which makes it large enough to cover a picnic table. It is durable and easy to set up. It had two doors a front and back door both of which are magnetic. Its mesh walls allow the breeze to blow through the tent a much-needed feature during the sunny days.

  1. Coleman Instant Screenhouse

It is quite spacious as it can accommodate a relatively large camping group. It is safe to say that the Coleman Instant will protect you and your group from the harsh sunrays and the annoying insects of the night. Coleman prides itself in being a well-trusted brand in the camping housing industry. Its features include two large entry doors for easy entry from both the front and back. It has loops to keep the doors open and zippers to keep them shut when need be. Has an easy-pull storage bag and one-year limited warranty. It measures 10 feet by 10 feet, which makes it perfect for an outdoor family gathering.

  1. Coleman Back Home Instant Screenhouse

It is easy and fast to step up as it only takes less than three minutes. It offers the users protection from bugs, wind and the sun. The Two large doors allow easy entry into the camping house through the front and back. It is designed with loops to keep the doors open and zippers to keep them shut. The addition of a vaulted ceiling gives more headroom for tall guests. Designed with UVGuard Technology, the Coleman Back Home blocks the sun’s rays from coming into contact with those inside. It measures 12 ft by 10ft by 10” and comes with an easy-pull carry bag that can fit in most cars.


Do you want to enjoy your picnic or camping? Then buy one of these screen houses and you will not be disappointed. You can also do more on the same to get one that fits you r needs and budget.